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A Second Opinion

giving them more credit than they're due

Any CFF’er could’ve taken those chomos with one hand. Puh-leez.

Thoughts on The Standard– wicked strong wicked cheap drinks. major plus. limpwristed midieval madness– yuck. none of the games felt *great* though slingshot shredded on theater and i had a fun game on there where i barely tried to trap the ball and was still looping shots. good times.

Thoughts on a member who shall not be named peeing in the bushes: our territory is marked. consider those bushes the property of CFfucknF! CFF’s urine: the initials on the backglass of the world.

We need to hold another tournament soon. How about the Friday or Saturday after next. Location? Format?


Posted: September 22nd, 2008
at 10:19am by BounceBack

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The dawning of a new day – Thursday

After the thumps of the last battle drums faded into the dank marshland of SE Portland, and the battle smoke wafted away into the Willamette Valley, and a few battle-hardened birds tentatively chirruped to celebrate the dawning of a new day, I wiped the blood from my Ray Bans and saw standing tall and proud and also a little weary on a pile of rotting corpses the one victor… or five, or however many we had actually playing – plus everyone else showing support – the Crazy Flipper Fingers!

When we arrived, Getaway was shorting out, and so Tilt almost cancelled the pinball portion of the rumble in exchange for an all out West Side Story synchronized fake stab-off in the alley behind the Good Foot. But I crawled underneath the machines and switched around a bunch of plugs and stuff, and that sort of made things better (sorry, Bounceback… even though I can’t be held responsible for the game shutting off right as you started running your modes – I still apologize.  I fixed it even more after that.).

OOO, while they may not wear cool t-shirts like us, or have a sweet battle cry, represented in good form. They wanked big time about Fastbreak though (man, shut up and play, I say!). So we appeased them and nixed it from the line-up. We played five on five, two vs two (and one vs one) on three machines, and played each one twice. 5 points awarded for 1st place, 3 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd, and 0 for 4th. I know, with that scoring system it was technically not “two vs two”- more like every person for themselves. But anyway, after we’d all played each game twice, the calculators emerged and we crunched those numbers like the heroes we are, and, as I mentioned above, CFF emerged victorious.

My personal impressions: totally fun. It went pretty smoothly, we got to play a lot of pinball, and we all had some good games. Indy 500 is rad, and I got over 1 billion on it for a 1st place score. I’m writing this post, so I can talk about myself like that. Um, what else? I don’t know.

The battle may be over, but the war still rages on inside our brains. Nay, I doubt this is the last we’ve seen of OOO.

Additionally, if there are any other tuff clubs in Portland who want to rumble, let’s have it, fuckers.

I don’t think anyone took pictures. Sorry.

Posted: September 11th, 2008
at 2:07pm by ROM

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Pinbrawl – Wednesday, Sept. 10 – CFF vs. OOO

While Portland is rife with pinball maniacs, CFF is still mostly a lone monster when it comes to organized play. So our brawl pool is more like a blow-up kiddy pool, if you know what I mean. Triple O (Out of Order) is one group whose initials we see here and there in town. They have turf, apparently (Beulahland?), and we have battled them long ago in the time before weblog posts. But oh shit! Tilt and OOO’s Chris recently got into a heated argument about their respective gangs, but before it erupted into all out face-stabbing the two decided that our differences would be best settled in a good ol’ pinbrawl.

So tomorrow we’re battling against them at Good Foot (Stark and 28th-ish), 8pm. It will be five on five. Ruleset still to be finalized, but it will definitely be some sort of points or elimination to the death killmatch! So prepare to die, somebody.

Which team has the ace ‘ballers? Who can walk the walk that they talk about walking? Who gets totally psyched out in competition and flails around wildly and then starts crying? Whose initials have more variety? Which gang has a super cool website that’s updated all the time? Who is better at photoshop, ROM or ORBIT? Who the hell is in Triple O anyway? These questions, and maybe more, will be answered tomorrow!

Check the message board post for serious discussion about tomorrow’s event!

Posted: September 9th, 2008
at 11:56am by ROM

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Meetin’ Recap & Who Were All Those Random Rippers?

Random Rippers descended on last sunday’s meeting and raged, each in their own way. Who were they all? Searching will leave you mostly empty-handed, or at least on a wild goose-chase. We met Emily and her companion, workin’ a few games of bash, ASN and Fred, one-ball tournament champions in their own right, and long-lost member Tons O’ Fun (who bounceback drunkenly quarter-blocked at the meeting, thinking a crazy and powerful hobo was dipping into the kitty… bounceback was in a special place last night, all around.) But who was that girl in red abusing Elvira around the time the meeting got rolling? Reputedly a local of the Ship and C-Bar, everyone thought everyone knew her until she bailed and everyone asked everyone else. And what about you, late night attendee in a wrestling jersey, closing down the bar and wondering how good you have to be to earn a shirt? you seemed angry at that M.Madness, and i can’t blame you. Them flippers were weak, that playfield was dirty, and everything was leaning left. 

Or maybe it was just bounceback, crooked in general– from losing multiple mini-tournaments and a crucial one-handed team slay-off, all in all depleting his personal funds by $6, to drooling on himself, talking through all the games, and mocking DDT’s awesome trackie, the mancub just couldn’t keep shit straight last night. 

But all in all, fun was had, no? Thanks to everyone who showed up. If you haven’t already, sign up for the message board, introduce yourself, and post your thoughts, complaints, fantasies, and escapades with pinball of late. Oh my god this will go on the internet. 


Posted: September 1st, 2008
at 9:28pm by BounceBack

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