Meetin’ Recap & Who Were All Those Random Rippers?

Posted: September 1st, 2008 by BounceBack

Random Rippers descended on last sunday’s meeting and raged, each in their own way. Who were they all? Searching will leave you mostly empty-handed, or at least on a wild goose-chase. We met Emily and her companion, workin’ a few games of bash, ASN and Fred, one-ball tournament champions in their own right, and long-lost member Tons O’ Fun (who bounceback drunkenly quarter-blocked at the meeting, thinking a crazy and powerful hobo was dipping into the kitty… bounceback was in a special place last night, all around.) But who was that girl in red abusing Elvira around the time the meeting got rolling? Reputedly a local of the Ship and C-Bar, everyone thought everyone knew her until she bailed and everyone asked everyone else. And what about you, late night attendee in a wrestling jersey, closing down the bar and wondering how good you have to be to earn a shirt? you seemed angry at that M.Madness, and i can’t blame you. Them flippers were weak, that playfield was dirty, and everything was leaning left. 

Or maybe it was just bounceback, crooked in general– from losing multiple mini-tournaments and a crucial one-handed team slay-off, all in all depleting his personal funds by $6, to drooling on himself, talking through all the games, and mocking DDT’s awesome trackie, the mancub just couldn’t keep shit straight last night. 

But all in all, fun was had, no? Thanks to everyone who showed up. If you haven’t already, sign up for the message board, introduce yourself, and post your thoughts, complaints, fantasies, and escapades with pinball of late. Oh my god this will go on the internet. 


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  1. ROM   2 Sep 08 at 1:49 pm

    Yes, the one-handed “dream team” went down. A new power is rising – Slingshot and ROM, breaking on to the scene with a ball 1 on Scared Stiff that will go down in the books! And only the books!

    ASN completely aced me at the 1-on-1 on MM – his 85mil, my 23mil (but I had a bunch of stuff lit!). That was harsh. But in the end the wallets don’t lie.

    Those mini-games were fun, and I feel that we had some good level of play going on.

    Re: girl in red. One of us should have talked to her. I figured she was with someone else.

  2. DDT   2 Sep 08 at 8:25 pm

    I feel crappy she has told me her name, I’ve seen her around town a ton. maybe she is just a whisper. A ghost shredder sent to make us realize we need an estrogen injection in this fricking sausage fest. Anyway her and her man are closet shredders.

  3. Slingshot   2 Sep 08 at 9:24 pm

    Which dude was ASN? I haven’t met him yet…or have I?

  4. BounceBack   2 Sep 08 at 9:30 pm

    he was wearing the ship ahoy hoodie and then revealed a pink floyd shirt and we talked about the one guitarist that took too much acid. syd barrett. you and ROM against me and DDT and ASN and Fred. you snakes.

  5. ORBIT   4 Sep 08 at 6:56 pm

    I’d like to add that the greatest one-handed team in CFF is none other than Deathsave and Orbit. We completely tore Slingshot and Launch a new asshole during Deathsave’s inaugural weekend.

    Sorry I missed the meeting I was in Seattle promoting pinball literacy among the less-fortunate youth.

  6. BounceBack   5 Sep 08 at 9:19 am

    we’ll have to have a rematch. i think i unfairly handicapped us with my inferior knowledge of elvira in general. i can’t believe you rejected your own brother, orbit. figured you guys would be the real team…

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