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CFF Meeting – The Standard

11/01/09 CFF meeting at “The Standard” off Burnside @ 10pm feel free to show early.

Good line-up.

Posted: October 30th, 2009
at 2:56pm by ROM

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Billy Rays Tourney

Billy Rays

2216 NE M L King Blvd
Portland, OR 97212-3726
(503) 287-7254

$5, head-to-head, double elimination. Starts at 7pm

The Blazers game will be on and there may even be BBQ in the back.

Posted: October 26th, 2009
at 8:08pm by ROM

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Voodoo Too Tournament Two

This Tuesday is the 2nd Classic Voodoo Too Doughnut Cup!

Tournaments starts at 7pm sharp!

$5 entry.

Road Show
Terminator 2

(slight chance that Hurricane will be replaced by FishTales…)

It would be worth it to get a supply of quarters ahead of time, as sometimes the line for the cash register is long. And sometimes the coin machine breaks.

See you!

Posted: October 18th, 2009
at 9:28pm by ROM

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CFF Meeting – Slabtown

The regularly-scheduled meeting will be held at Slabtown.

Slabtown is soon going to get Swords of Fury! (not sure if it will be there in time for the meeting… but, at any rate, there’s like a million other games there.)

Posted: October 16th, 2009
at 7:04pm by ROM

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Standard Regulation Blog Post

The results are in! After much pinball playing, and water and/or beer drinking, and Dodgers watching, one man and one man alone stood tall on his hindquarters, chin toward the stars, cash in hand, points in process, and said to all us losers, “Wot wot?” And that mensch of a man was… REVTEST. Congrats Jake “Revtest” McGhee, for winning the Standard Regulation Tournament at The Standard (22nd and NE Burnside).

Here are some action shots.

Dropshot, after being relieved of his duties as… I don’t know, what did he used to do again? Run weekly tournaments for a year straight? Something like that, who knows… anyway! here he is enjoying his freedom.


Also in that photo is our trusty laptop, which I just named Reggie, that contains the precious tournament bracketing software; plus Eric, monitoring Dropshot’s progress; and in the background is Zoe, maybe competing against Sauce.

And speaking of Sauce!


The battle rages behind him (l-r: Emma, Revtest, Jeff Weston, Dropshot), but all he’s thinking about is how awesome it is to be alive and playing pinball with pals. What a positive thinker, that dude. Little did he know that in just like an hour or two he would LOSE IN THE FINALS. Ha! Funny to look back now… that smile, once so full of hope.

The final match begins! On Black Rose.


And then it was over.

The final three celebrate their agreeable placements. (oh wait, Sauce is still smiling. I take back – partly – the stuff I may or may not have said about him earlier in this post.) Revtest with 1st, Sauce with 2nd, Dropshot with 3rd.


The place was kind of dark, so I didn’t take many photos. And my camera doesn’t do well with focusing when I use a flash in dark rooms… but rest assured, many other fun/fine folks were there, and they fought valiantly, and lost sadly. Your hero, me, got a respectable 5th place. I only played Twilight Zone and The Getaway all night! But the random game generator-picker for this tournament was my trusty 4-sided die. One can’t argue with that die. But I wish I could have at least played some Dark Knight 2K… oh well.

The machines were in top order. Ricochet’s Jeri was on hand the entire time, so when a ball bounced unexpectedly we were able to immediately whine to her, rather than wait until we were home and on the message board.

Until next time!

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at 6:28pm by ROM

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Pacific Pinball Expedition

saberPinballog Entry: It’s been, like, a fortnight since I left the paradise of Portland and embarked on my journey to the congested badlands of San Francisco. Before boarding the aeroplane at pdx aeroport, I left my trusty portland pinball map in the hands of my cat, Solomon (pictured). It would be worthless there: San Fran is unmapped territory. The whatabouts of the local pin sitch is all word of mouth. And as Fox Mulder once told me after he’d recently come back from time traveling to 1860s San “Gold Rush” Francisco, “Hey stud, trust me on this: trust no one in that town.”

But, whatever, I didn’t need a map. This expedition was to an exposition. And at the expo some dude on the internet promised me I’d find hundreds, nay three hundreds, of pinball machines. Including Future Spa. So with my shoes on my feet and my pants around my legs, I ventured headlong into the realm. So long Solomon and friends, I said to myself – don’t forget to maintain the map in my absence.

Once inside the expo, I found this:
pinball posters

Pretty rad blow-ups of backglass. I soaked it in. Then I freaked out and ran around in circles until I found some familiar faces – my Bros from the northlands, plus Jeri. I don’t even know what happened after that. Basically I played a ton of pinball for two days straight. And I ate a bunch of In ‘N Out and trail mix.

I competed a little in this section:
Tournament space

Oh, I was devastated to find that Future Spa was NOT there. Those fucks on the internet lied to me.

Some games I liked a bunch: Fireball, Pharaoh, Roller Disco, Corvette, Alien Star, and many more. There was a nice array of games. Some rad Sys11 Gottliebs. Not enough ’80s/’90s machines, I’d say. But I played a bunch of games that were new to me. And I played many exciting matches against my friends.

And here’s another picture.

So that’s about it for this entry. I doubt you found it informative. That’s because it wasn’t really.

Posted: October 13th, 2009
at 10:14pm by ROM

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Standard Regulation Tournament

At the Standard, where your ass is gonna get regulated!

14 NE 22ND Ave (at Burnside and 22nd).

7pm Start Time.

$5 entry fee.

Twilight Zone
The Getaway
Black Knight 2,000,000,000,000,000
Black Rose

Be there!

Posted: October 13th, 2009
at 11:03am by ROM

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