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Thursday Happiness at Ship Ahoy

Ship Ahoy tourney on Thursday the 29th.  $5 entry fee starting at 8 o’clock.  Depending on the turnout the format may be changed.  As of right now it will be a head to head matchup with a twist.  Your opponent gets to play any/all of the extra balls you have collected, you can either let them drain or get and waste their multiball do whatever you want with them.  If more than 16 show it will become a team effort, with randomly assigned teamates.  In this format the head to head will be a 4 player game AVERAGING the two scores to determine the winner.  If you don’t like this set-up tough shit and deal with it.  Either way it will be double elimination winner/winners take home the bacon.

Posted: January 24th, 2009
at 11:03am by dropshot

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Alleyway Tournament, Split-finger Style!

The monthly Alleyway Tournament is happening this Sunday! Update: No, it’s not. The place is closed for renovations, and nobody informed us. Sorry.

This time the rules are special: random splitfinger. This means teams, one person to a flipper. Teams are chosen in a random fashion! To make this really awesome we need as many people as possible (ideally 16). Splitfinger is fun – and to really excel at it you should be good at communicating with your new partner. Sometimes it helps to wrap your free hand around their butt and then squeeze just a little during crucial passes.

Tournament starts at 8pm! Prize is $50! Entry is $3.

Alleyway has ditched Lord of the Rings, and replaced it with Sopranos. The full line-up is now:

Sopranos, Monster Bash,  Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure, Medieval Madness, Doctor Who.

Alleyway has killer food (I recommend the garden burger with bleu cheese on top!) and good drinks (whiskey ginger)! See you there. Let’s get a good turnout for this!

2415 NE Alberta St. 8pm start!

Posted: January 23rd, 2009
at 12:03am by ROM

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Slabtown Tournament

The 2nd Slabtown Tournament is looming big! Show off your chops in this open tournament at Portland’s punk rock, totally-into-the-Dandy-Warhols bar. The competition will be hefty, the stakes will be large ($100 prize!). But only one ‘baller will come away with the admiration and secret-crush of his/her peers. And that person will be the winner. As No Fear once told me, second place is the first loser! So you gotta not lose. Because if you do you’ll start crying… and if that happens then it will probably make all of us sad, because it will make us realize that we’re all human and therefore aren’t that different after all.

Please note the start time for the qualifying round. All kinds of people showed up past 7pm last time, and it slowed down the entire tournament. Don’t do that again. Eric the Organizer will be implementing a cut-off time for entering. And it will be earlier than last time! 6pm start.


Thursday, January 22nd
6-8pm Qualifying period
8pm Double elimination finals

$5 Entry (credits for tournament play will be free)
$100 First prize

1033 NW 16th Ave.

The rules/format will be very similar to the first Slabtown tournament. We’ll have a two hour qualifying round, with the top 12 players moving onto the double elimination finals. No extra balls will be allowed this time (single flip) and we’re restructuring the bracket to keep the maximum number of machines in use. This should hopefully keep things from going as late as they did last time.

Current lineup is still Funhouse, Sopranos Congo, and Medieval Madness, though I know Brinda is talking with Mike about replacing Sopranos with a 90s Williams machine. I’ll keep you updated.

Posted: January 15th, 2009
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Billy Ray’s Tournament (for real this time)

This time it’s happening…now that you have had enough time to digest your turkey, ham and sober up from new years. A $5 buy-in will get you a seat in single game double elimination winner take all heads up show down that starts at 8:00.  There are six machines and all will be played upon.  Midieval Madness, Scared Stiff, Attack From Mars, Monster Bash, Sopranos and Johnny Mnemonic.  I have also been thinking about taking $1 from everyones entry and making a progressive pot for whoever GC’s  machine during tourney play.  Sit and ponder a bit, express your thoughts and we can take it from there.  See you on the flip side.

Posted: January 9th, 2009
at 11:52am by dropshot

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