Pinbrawl – Wednesday, Sept. 10 – CFF vs. OOO

Posted: September 9th, 2008 by ROM

While Portland is rife with pinball maniacs, CFF is still mostly a lone monster when it comes to organized play. So our brawl pool is more like a blow-up kiddy pool, if you know what I mean. Triple O (Out of Order) is one group whose initials we see here and there in town. They have turf, apparently (Beulahland?), and we have battled them long ago in the time before weblog posts. But oh shit! Tilt and OOO’s Chris recently got into a heated argument about their respective gangs, but before it erupted into all out face-stabbing the two decided that our differences would be best settled in a good ol’ pinbrawl.

So tomorrow we’re battling against them at Good Foot (Stark and 28th-ish), 8pm. It will be five on five. Ruleset still to be finalized, but it will definitely be some sort of points or elimination to the death killmatch! So prepare to die, somebody.

Which team has the ace ‘ballers? Who can walk the walk that they talk about walking? Who gets totally psyched out in competition and flails around wildly and then starts crying? Whose initials have more variety? Which gang has a super cool website that’s updated all the time? Who is better at photoshop, ROM or ORBIT? Who the hell is in Triple O anyway? These questions, and maybe more, will be answered tomorrow!

Check the message board post for serious discussion about tomorrow’s event!

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  1. bounceback   10 Sep 08 at 11:19 am

    man, not even any shit talkin yet? well fuck, why bother, when apparently OOO doesn’t even know what they want to win (a tiny scrap of pride?) what’s at stake (nothing for a team that already has nothing established to lose), or the format for their own challenge match. who can blame them for wanting the opportunity to actually see a CFFr play in person? seriously, OOO should pay for all games AND beer and consider it tuition. maybe we can get someone from quality to come down and set the shit on kiddie mode for them so they can get 10 EBs and finally make the backglass. what? the OOO silence is deafening…

  2. DDT   10 Sep 08 at 10:01 pm

    I cut my finger tip open bad. super glued cause it bled so bad but i worry not. Fair well warriors

  3. Z   11 Sep 08 at 10:28 am

    Good rumble CFF’ers.

  4. autofire   11 Sep 08 at 10:44 am

    out of quarters scared of nba fastbreak gimme a break. those fools need a break they should just play pool. oh sorry that game has balls too and OOO aint got no balls. really scared of nba fastbreak! LAME WE PUT THEM IN SOME SHAME THEY AINT GOT NO GAME THEY PLAY LIKE SOME DAMES WE GOT ALL THE FAME THERE IS NO ONE TO BLAME WE HOLD THE FLAME DANGIT THEY LAME!

  5. ROM   11 Sep 08 at 11:00 am

    Dang, Autofire, hitting it early today, eh?

    Yeah, I thought it was pretty wack that they couldn’t handle Fastbreak. It’s pinball like any pinball. The numbers look different, but that doesn’t mean the came itself is that different. I mean, you’re not winning Indy 500 from the points given by your spinner shots – Fastbreak eliminates all those superfluous ding ding dings that don’t add up to a whole lot anyway, and it focuses only on the big shots.

    But, whatever. Three machines was enough. It was a good rumble. I liked the format, and thought we all played some good games.
    And despite our fierce hatred for each other, and the intense tension that’s created when we’re all together in the same room, we managed to chill out for a few and play some ball.

  6. autofire   11 Sep 08 at 9:15 pm

    i aint playin with them hoes

  7. atom13   30 Sep 08 at 10:26 am

    You guys are so full of yourselves. You should hang out with dj wicked and never have any fun.

    O.O.O has fun all the time, oh yeah, I scored 17 points against you guys. So keep talkin trash.
    I’m too busy having fun, winning.

  8. ROM   30 Sep 08 at 11:15 am

    OMG I thought you all died forever in the rumble! what the hell.. OOO must have a good doctor.

    anyway, have fun having fun, or whatever you’re into. we’ll stick to being monstrous assholes to everyone and never even considering having an ounce of fun. pinball is serious!


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