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CFF Meeting – Good Foot

The meeting this Sunday is at Good Foot.

10pm, or whereabouts.

Posted: September 19th, 2009
at 2:56pm by ROM

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Slabtown Tourney 9/22 (Tuesday)

On Tuesday the 22nd of September, 7:00pm at Slabtown the greatest weekly tournament ever will be held. With so many games to be played I’m thinking it just might have to be a head to head best 2 of 3 double elimination format. All games will be included except for Dr. Dude. Sorry to anyone that annoys but that’s just the way its got to be. $5 to enter and lots of fun to be had. Last week tied for the best turnout yet (22) and both times they were at Billy Ray’s. Let’s beat that number this time around so tell your friends and pass the word! Hope to see you all there.

Posted: September 17th, 2009
at 1:02pm by dropshot

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Voodoo Too Classic Donut Cup

It was once guesstimated that not as many people would show up to a weekly tournament if it took place somewhere other than a bar. Too many of the regular contenders are hopeless alcoholics, was the reasoning. But you all proved that unnamed guesstimater wrong. Good show everyone.

19 fine folks entered tonight’s tournament. And that is good. And thus, from henceforth this tournament that ended like an hour ago will now be dubbed The First Annual Voodoo Too Classic Donuts Cup. So shall it be known!

As an 8x bonus, right before the battle commenced, our tastebuds (and not to mention our monstrous egos) were delighted to discover that Voodoo Doughnuts had made us a special doughnut platter, with a huge Super CFF Doughnut in the middle:

CFF Donut

Pretty amazing, huh? Thanks, Voodoo!

Also, thanks Ricochet for putting four sweet pins in the place.

All in all, I didn’t eat dinner, and instead just ate three doughnuts. Now, after my shocking loss, I’m trying to set things straight again by eating a lot of chips. But I don’t know. Sometimes losses are forever.

Congrats to Dropshot for being victorious. And congrats to Trish for getting 2nd place. I hope you’re both happy.

Posted: September 8th, 2009
at 10:48pm by ROM

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