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Posted: March 1st, 2007 by ROM

Crazy Flipper Fingers is based out of Portland, Oregon. There are 35 or so members in various locations across the states. But most members live in Portland. Meetings are sporadic.

You can recognize us easily by our black hoodies adorned with the CFF logo, our initials on high score reels throughout town (CFF), and our resident actor – Danny Backglass – in movies and TV shows.

CFF has no central leadership – we pick our interests, and do our part to keep up with activities. Members are let in by initiation. However, we aim not to be exclusive and elitist – top skills are not the number one variable leading toward initiation; we are interested in action, heart, attitude, character, and so on. And you have to, of course, get along with us. (Also, you have to be willing, nay, eager, to give up your initials to put up CFF.) The one thing that unites us is a love for pinball. If you really want to know what we’re all about, I’d suggest playing some pinball with us. Come to a meeting, or tournament, or post on the message board and invite people to play with you.

Click here for Member Profiles! (it’s a little out of date)



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