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Rogue’s Green Dragon FREE Tourney (3/26)

On Thursday the 26th of March make your way down to the 1st free tourney and the last before the big dance at GK.  Ross Baechle along with the boys and girls down at Rogue are offering a very handsome prize of 100 Hopoes (Rogue cash) to the top finisher.  As well as other goodies for top contenders.  As of right now GD’s current line-up is as follows:

Lord of the Rings

Monster Bash

Indiana Jones (Stern)

Star Wars (Data East)

Tales of the Arabian Nights

Qualifying will take place between 6-8 in which you get to choose 3 out of the 5 machines to play.  The top 12 placers per machine will recieve points.  At the culmination of qualifying the top 12 point getters will move on to a 12 person single game double elimination rumble to determine the champion!  Come down, get a bite to eat, drink some absinthe and play ball.  See you all there!

Posted: March 14th, 2009
at 12:57pm by dropshot

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Sunday Meeting @ Goodfoot

This Sunday bring your fingers down to the Goodfoot for some flippin’ fun!  The official start time is 10:00 but feel free to show up when you need that fix.  Doors open as early as 5.  Also don’t forget to check out all of John “Tilt” Wray’s masterpieces on the wall. BE THERE!!!

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Thursday Tourney @ Goodfoot (3/12)

Get your practice on! This Thursday will be a tournament at the Goodfoot.  Single elimination best 2 of 3.  Got to get used to beating your opponent twice on one machine.  Sorry it can’t be double elimination though, it would just take way to long. Play ONE extra ball, all other are plunge one flip.  See you all there.  Start time is 7:00.

Posted: March 9th, 2009
at 1:21pm by dropshot

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