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GoodFoot Tournament

Great turnout last week so let’s keep it up! This Thursday (7/2) at 7:00 pm down at the Goodfoot. I do believe the current line-up is NBA Fastbreak, Johnny Mnemonic, Indianapolis 500, and Star Wars. Hopefully the center shot on NBA is working and you can hit the ramp on SW…I have this funny feeling inside of me that thinks you can. $5 to enter single game head to head double elimination. I’ve got 3 days to figure out a method to limit repeat games….I’ll have it by then!

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Hey dudes, some pictures from the C-Bar tournament:

bounceback’s mind is troubled by bad bounces and unresponsive slingshots. But damnit, he needs this win. Replay’s like, “what’s up guys?”
damnit, he needs this win

l-r: revtest, videomode, dropshot, replay. setting up the brackets.

The line-up. pictured: kickback, TILT, etc.

Posted: June 29th, 2009
at 10:07am by dropshot

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C-Bar Tournament

This Thursday (6/25) at C-Bar. 7:00 pm. The current line-up is 24, Theatre of Magic, Roadshow, Addams Family, Scared Stiff. There will  be a beer special for all that participate ($1 PBR) so drink up and tip your bartender. Also, there will be rubber footings placed under the back legs of TAF so it isn’t as floaty. Heads up single game double elimination will be the format.  $5 to enter with pay-outs to the top 3 finishers. Hope to see you all there!

Posted: June 23rd, 2009
at 7:49am by dropshot

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Pinstrology for the Solstice

There you have it: the stars have spoken, big things are moving, and feelings are swelling like blistering beach balls, bobbing in the astral tide. Nowhere are big feelings more acutely felt than in the bowels of big things, and that means the massive belly of CFF is twinging with emotions being manipulated by jupiter and its axis of planetary evil… or benevolence, or clemency, or whatever they axisize about.

The bottom line is that you might expect too much from yourself and others during these weird times; demanding more than is fair, or investing more love than you can really spare. Is that fair to our relationship, gangsters? Is it fair to ourselves? I suggest we all take some deep breaths and curl up in bed with a pint of soy delicious with vegan sprinkles and that scrapbook of Cathy comics we’ve been clipping out of the sunday paper for 14 years, then write in our diary for a while and take a quick meditative nap before the meeting tonight (which is at the Vern, where you can rock AFM, MM, MB, and those NGG’s while swilling $2 micro pints aw yeah.)

Other things that are/were big and might be affecting your inner life: The NW Pinball (and gameroom) Expo. Full of stuff. Deserving of a full write-up of its own that it’s not going to get. Featuring a maxed out tournament of pin-elites and a clutch of rare games to burn through your flipper calluses. It was a fun event all around, the tournament in particular making huge strides over the year before in efficiency, competition, and prize packages, and while there’s room for improvement in some areas of the show (the convention center atmosphere might be a necessity due to size and power requirements, but it would be a nice change of pace to see a show with a little more proper gameroom vibe rather than sterile carpet and overhead fluorescents, no food or drink on premises, children were allowed…) all in all, if you weren’t there, you missed something pretty sweet. Oh, and get this– several return players commented on the conspicuous absence of some of CFF’s best from this year’s show, and even speculated that perhaps these luminaires skipped because they were intimidated by the caliber of the players in attendance this year! Fancy that. So, skippers, you missed your chance to put the likes of the sharpe brothers, eden & cayle, trent augestein, neil shatz, and keith elwin in the CFF chokehold they deserve; but there’s always next year, right! (not to mention CAX, PAPA, and a handful of other greatish shows, if you can find a way to get there.)

Anyway, here’s a few flicks from the show– yeah, ok, it looks like about 3 portland bars crammed into one room but really! it was pretty cool.

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Treasured Memories

and tender moments. Recollections of a pinball meeting.

Ducketts recently got a fourth machine, so we piled everyone into the minivan and had ourselves a meeting there.

The first two hours were spent, as usual, going over the agenda, and the previous week’s minutes/scores, and then setting up the bracket system to determine who will play what machine during the meeting.

After passing out our drink tickets, DDT stood back and monitored our activities, determining whether or not the system was “word.” It was.


I put up the first score of the evening. A steady 47million on Family Guy.


Bounceback could not believe it! He was like, “ROM, you’re really good at running modes.” And then, in my modesty, I thanked him.


But what is CFF without friends? Some say it’s just CF. (depends on what you think “CFF” stands for.)


Later on Sauce did a freaking bangback on Indiana Jones. Killer move!

See you all next time!

Posted: June 8th, 2009
at 10:26am by ROM

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