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GoodFoot Tournament

Great turnout last week so let’s keep it up! This Thursday (7/2) at 7:00 pm down at the Goodfoot. I do believe the current line-up is NBA Fastbreak, Johnny Mnemonic, Indianapolis 500, and Star Wars. Hopefully the center shot on NBA is working and you can hit the ramp on SW…I have this funny feeling inside of me that thinks you can. $5 to enter single game head to head double elimination. I’ve got 3 days to figure out a method to limit repeat games….I’ll have it by then!

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Hey dudes, some pictures from the C-Bar tournament:

bounceback’s mind is troubled by bad bounces and unresponsive slingshots. But damnit, he needs this win. Replay’s like, “what’s up guys?”
damnit, he needs this win

l-r: revtest, videomode, dropshot, replay. setting up the brackets.

The line-up. pictured: kickback, TILT, etc.

Posted: June 29th, 2009
at 10:07am by dropshot

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C-Bar Tournament

This Thursday (6/25) at C-Bar. 7:00 pm. The current line-up is 24, Theatre of Magic, Roadshow, Addams Family, Scared Stiff. There will  be a beer special for all that participate ($1 PBR) so drink up and tip your bartender. Also, there will be rubber footings placed under the back legs of TAF so it isn’t as floaty. Heads up single game double elimination will be the format.  $5 to enter with pay-outs to the top 3 finishers. Hope to see you all there!

Posted: June 23rd, 2009
at 7:49am by dropshot

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