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Portland Pinbrawl 2011

Pre-registration is now closed. Thank you to all that have pre-registered. It’s not to late to be apart of Pinbrawl 2011. You can still sign up when Ground Kontrol opens Sunday morning at 10:00-10:45. The tournament will then start at 11:00. See you all there!

The tournament will be held on Sunday April 17th.  Entry is once again $20 this year.  The format is the same, head to head, best 2 of 3, double elimination.

We will be giving away a TBD pinball machine as the grand prize along with cash prizes for top finishers.

Last year's final between Opto and the eventual winner, Deathsave.

Last year's final between Opto and the eventual winner, Deathsave.

Brawlers (37 spots left):

Meilani Allen
Jason America
Drew Anderson
Brian Barbeau
Bonnie Bedford
Mindy Bert
Brandon Bras
Dennis Brenhaug
Billy Brown
Abra Cadabra
Steve Cartoon
Carlos Cash
Pat Castaldo
Raymond Chau
Adam Chesbrough
Brian Chesbrough
Sid Conner
Bobby Conover
Chris Coyle
Miles Craig
Chad Darnell
Erich Demerath
Dave Dimoff
Noah Davis
Mickala Duprey
James Edes
Emma Eichhorn
Michael Farber
Kris Fast
Matt Fentress
Harry Ford
Fred Franken
John Fujita
Maurizio Gagno
Kathy Gagno
Robert Gagno
Jeff Gagnon
Ryan Gratzer
Julie Gray
Louie Hamlett
Philip George Hammil
Hayden Harker
Ashley Harris
John Harris
Mike Hassenpflug
Eric Hill
Jason Hill
Brian Hinz
Ben Hoerth
Maka Honig
Paul Kalk
Gavin Keable
Kevin Kerr
Jared Kramer
Jeff Kraus
John Kremmer
Bill Lascher
Dottie Ledesma
Seth Longmire
Mike Mahaffey
Mark Mahoney
Jake McGhee
Eric Merchant
Jason Nagy
Edmund Nash
Aaron Nelson
Mike Norman
Andrew Nunes
James Pace
Jay Pankratz
Keith Parkins
Brian Richardson
David Rebal
Chris Rhodes
Mark Rubial
Isaac Ruiz
Matthew Siltala
Brandon Smith
Jarrod Smith
Pirate Mike Smith PDX
Jeff Spaziani
Eden Stamm
John Stein
Nathan Stellhorn
Richard Stemson
Rob Timberlake
April Vo
Zoe Vrabel
Donald Warren
Jeff Weston
J.D. Yeager

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