Two Day Casual Flow Buck Hunter Pinball Tournament

Posted: February 16th, 2010 by ROM

Howdy partners!

Remember how much you used to like Bambi when you were a little kiddo? Wasn’t he so fuzzy and cute, and he had those little animals friends who bounced around the magical forest with him and cracked jokes and stuff?? And don’t forget! That back then while you were young and didn’t know much about what life had to offer, what you did know was that you wanted to hug him and be his best friend 4 life??? I remember that, too. That ruled.

But then remember how you grew up a couple years and watched it again, and at the part when Bambi’s mama got shot up and killed by that heroic hunter the whole thing stopped being sad and was instead totally funny? I don’t know about you, but that part made me go, “FUCK YES!” And it was at that seminal point in my life (after I got grounded for swearing) where I decided for forever that the best animal is a dead animal, and that deer in particular can kiss my butt.

In that respect! Local pinball operator Quarterworld has delivered to Portland the newest pinball machine from Stern: Big Buck Hunter Pro. And to kick off the launch of this new bloody beast, Quarterworld and the Bar of the Gods (BOG) has set up a sweet two-day tournament on it.


Details straight from Qdub:

When: 2-16-10 to 2-17-10

Where: Bar of the Gods
4801 SE Hawthorne

Rules: They are quite simple. You have two days to Grand Champ the table. Who ever is the GC at midnight on Wednesday wins.

What do you win… a cool $100.
#1 score walks away with $50, and yes you can win both GC and #1 score.

If you put up a top score at any point tell the bartender. He’ll get your info so we can get ahold of you. Just in case you’re not there on wed. at midnight. Oh yes, and there’s NO entry fee.

He also noted that the scores on the machine will start out at a measly 1 million or something. So, somebody is going to get the GC – guaranteed!

Now, go shoot the shit out of some motherbucking bucks.

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  1. Kickback   16 Feb 10 at 5:02 pm

    All I can think about is the venison rice, cheese puff things that DDT made for the amazing CFF potluck. Best thing ever stuffed in this facehole. How come strippers don’t know Bambi is a boys name? Oh, yeah, they’re strippers. facehole.

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