Trackie!!!! Day recap

Posted: June 7th, 2010 by Legs

So, Trackie!!!!! Day happened about a month ago, but I know you’re all still on the edges of your respective seats to know how it went and/or relive it through my sparkling prose.

Trackie!!!! Day, the most beloved of holidays, where fashion meets Fathom, where velour meets Viking, where DDT’s bare chest meets your eyeballs, occured on Mothers’ Day weekend, so those of us who prefer pinball to parents met up at the lovely and quant Ship Ahoy tavern for some meat and cheese (there was, natch, no love for the vegans at this fest) and dollar games on WCS.

Fueling up on Visos before hitting the streets

Fueling up on Visos before hitting the streets. (credit: Scoop)

Mystery checks out his pinball skillz (credit: Isaac Ruiz)

Mystery checks out his pinball skillz (credit: Isaac Ruiz)

Invisorated, we headed onward in our van of sin and destruction, blowing smoke in the faces of our enemies (or, I guess, Opto’s car, which was following us). Next stop was Apex, a pretty new bar on 12th and Division that you should check out. First off, they have a TV dedicated soley to the type/name/brewery/ABV% of their tap list (word to the wise: beer/cider only, folks. Also, cash only! Act accordingly)! Also, a separate pinball alley that houses Theater of Magic, LOTR, IJ4, and Ripley’s! Thirdly, a bank of mirrors on the wall above the machines, serving both your rabid spectators and yourself, should you choose to look up. 


See? (credit:, Heather, and my sweet MSPaint prowess)

So obviously we had to have a mini-tourney to test our mirror-pinball chops. It was on ToM. ROM won, possibly because his name is very similar to the name of the game. We also discovered that I am actually the girl on the Xenon backglass (see right). Next on the list was GK, because what kind of pincrawl (meh, I’m ambivalent about that word) doesn’t stop by the largest pinball destination in Portland? There, we did a one-handed mini-tourney on Demo Man (if I remember correctly, you had to use the handles, not the flipper buttons), which DDT won one-handily. (Ha!) We stayed there until the bar opened, so that those of us ammenable to the notion could slam a Pabst before we started off toward Slabtown. Slabtown’s challenge of choice was sit-down Party Zone. Scoop kicked ass with 30+ million.

Then, we were hungry, so we went to Opto’s Parlor of Pins, a private venue also know as the Davii household. We ate pizza and drank beer.  DDT and Dropshot both GCed Centaur on the same game (DDT exceeded the original GC as Player 1, Dropshit went above and beyond to re-GC it:

yowza! (credit: do i have to credit myself?)

yowza! (credit: do i have to credit myself?)

We also met the youngest tracksuit!  His name is Vinnie and, according to him, he’s “four and a half.  But I’m still shy!!!!”  Those were the only two sentences he said to me before grabbing the juice I poured him and running away.  I’d hate him if he hadn’t inherited his dad’s dashing good looks:

the PatC legacy. (credit: PatC; also I still rule at MSPaint)

Isaac took some cool pictures in Noah’s garage, but it took me like half an hour to make that Pat and Vinnie thing happen so I’m gonna cool off on the nÜ media for a while (also, oh my Lord, I hate PCs).  I’m just gonna cut to the chase instead, because this is already a month late and I think my boss may fire me if I don’t start doing my actual job instead of writing in my pinball journal.  After Noah’s we went to the Standard.  Mini-tourney: straight-up highest score on Black Rose.  Prize: a super cute piece of Shell Bell’s homemade jewelry.  Kickback won, and his lovely ladyfriend got some pinball-related bling.

We finished it off, 12 hours later, across the street from whence we started.  At C-Bar, there was a battle between the winners of the four mini-tourneys (to refresh your memories, I know I’m long-winded and parenthetical: ROM, DDT, Scoop, Kickback) on Indiana Jones.  ROM was victorious and got some sort of lightsaber thing that you’ll see in the final picture if I ever post this.  Emma was also spotted with a pinball lamp of some kind, I don’t remember why.  The whole PatC family got some schwag for being a family of trackies!!!!  And Sauce won worst tracksuit.

Okay, that was Trackie!!!! Day.  We’ll do it again next year.  Stay tuned for ROM’s much more timely Portland Pinball Map announcement.  Here, have a picture:

TRACKIE!!!! DAY! (credit: Scoop)

TRACKIE!!!! DAY! (credit: Scoop)

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  1. rom   7 Jun 10 at 7:06 pm

    Great recap! While reading it, I felt like I was magically transported back in time in a magical time machine.

    I need to get that light from scoop and ddt! I forgot.

    If you have wordpress questions, hit me up.

  2. Dannybackglass   8 Jun 10 at 2:00 am

    YES! Glad trackie day went down in the CFF archives. Thanks! Whens the next track day?

  3. fred   8 Jun 10 at 7:58 am

    yeah, that was a blast! The game on Centaur was totally insane!

  4. drop   9 Jun 10 at 5:44 pm

    Great write up! Split-flipper on MB at C-Bar was epic too! Thanks DDT!!!!!!

  5. DDT   19 Jun 10 at 3:30 pm

    Oh ya that shit was epic. It was cross handed at GK LEGS.
    it’s a blur we looked great and people freaked out!


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