The Last Starfighter

Posted: March 18th, 2008 by Kickback

Maybe it was years of competetive sports, years of being razzed for being poor and wearing hand-me-downs that were too big, years of straight F report cards.
Who cares? There is a murderers row of machines in my basement and buckets of insults waiting to pour out like the floods of Noah with no room on the boat for sissy’s.
You will be bombarded with insults, beer, big doobies, heavy metal, headslaps and Bruce Lee movies. I’m short, chubby, ugly, the baseball career didn’t work out, the music career didn’t work out, my stories are played out. I got broken dreams for christmas and I’m looking to share.
But, when the shit hits the fan and the robot wars go down, it’s us vs the pinball machines. These skills may very well save our pimpled, hairy asses some day, so start brushing up Jerk-O’s.
It’s us vs the pinball machines.
It’s us vs the pinball machines.

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