Rogue’s Green Dragon FREE Tourney (3/26)

Posted: March 14th, 2009 by dropshot

On Thursday the 26th of March make your way down to the 1st free tourney and the last before the big dance at GK.  Ross Baechle along with the boys and girls down at Rogue are offering a very handsome prize of 100 Hopoes (Rogue cash) to the top finisher.  As well as other goodies for top contenders.  As of right now GD’s current line-up is as follows:

Lord of the Rings

Monster Bash

Indiana Jones (Stern)

Star Wars (Data East)

Tales of the Arabian Nights

Qualifying will take place between 6-8 in which you get to choose 3 out of the 5 machines to play.  The top 12 placers per machine will recieve points.  At the culmination of qualifying the top 12 point getters will move on to a 12 person single game double elimination rumble to determine the champion!  Come down, get a bite to eat, drink some absinthe and play ball.  See you all there!

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  1. Aaron   17 Mar 09 at 1:16 pm

    TOTAN has been replaced by Champion Pub. I am assuming it was the one previously played at Clinton Street.

  2. Mike   17 Mar 09 at 11:19 pm

    The CP is the one from Twilight Room, we got rid of the one from Clinton. I was hoping to swap out the Star Wars before the tournament if possible.


  3. bounceback   24 Mar 09 at 1:34 pm

    played all the games yesterday– well, the ones that were working.

    champ pub was turned off, with a note that the ball lock wasn’t releasing during fights/multiball.

    star wars just had an “out of order” sign on it, and an employee was looking it over as though a ball was stuck somewhere. i love star wars but i really think this one needs new flipper coils or something, ramp is extremely hard to hit and the rest of the machine is rarely fully working.

    IJ4 was leaning right, drained all 3 balls in quick succession out the right outlane.

    MB feels good to me, missed the board by 100k (yes, pretty much any one shot would’ve done it, damn it. i suck.)

    LOTR feels mechanically really good, level, and strong, but had the following issues:

    destroy the ring won’t register the 2nd ring shot, so you can’t finish the mode. no exaggeration, i shot the ring over TWENTY times the first time i played destroy the ring. the first ball would stay in the ring, the second direct shot would either bounce out without registering, or, if strong enough, would knock both balls inside; the machine would not register, would do a ball search, and kick both balls out. first ball to drain would end the mode. i managed to re-lodge both balls multiple times and had them kick out over and over again. i spent the rest of my games trying to AVOID starting “destroy the ring.” this was super annoying, because it meant after the mode was lit, i’d have to shoot all the rings of men again, and start gollum multiball, just to be able to start a new mode. needless to say i never finished the modes, and didn’t score nearly as well as i would’ve.

    also– ring frenzy would rarely start, even after all rings collected and the ring shot in the center.

    the center loop lights weren’t all illuminating properly during some modes.

    strong shots to the left ramp would come down the habitrail super fast, and at the bottom, would riccochet out, straight into the outlane.

    gift from the elves would sometimes not register when lit and shot to the left loop.

    lastly, during “war of the ents” and some other modes, the diverters that are supposed to send the ball into the scoop for path of the dead would not catch the ball and divert it properly– loop shots would continue all the way around, but would trigger the diverter to block shots to the FRONT of the orthanc scoop, making it really difficult to complete this mode, and taking away a ton of points.

    i hope these issues can be fixed while keeping the same feel to the game, the flippers are starting to break in so there are less airballs but still plenty of power, and i was killing the replays even with all these problems.

    hope the machines are all working by tourney time!

  4. Aaron   27 Mar 09 at 11:10 am

    Final Results are in!

    Tournament Name,Date,Finishing Position,Player
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,1,Jared Kramer
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,2,Danny Belrose
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,3,Brian Watson
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,4,Jason America
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,5,Fred Franken
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,5,Ben Applebaum
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,7,Jeff T. Smith
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,7,Justin Hobson
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,9,Aaron Nelson
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,9,Josh Brake
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,9,Dennis Brenhaug
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,9,James Adamson
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,13,Travis Orr
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,14,Kevin Kerr
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,14,Andy Duch
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,16,Brandon Smith
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,17,Malia Slusarenko
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,17,Jim Wilferling
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,17,Mark Watson
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,20,Ramona White
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,20,Michael Hassenpflug
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,20,Mike Coppolino
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,23,Grier Philips
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,24,Zoe Vrabel
    Rogue Brewery’s Green Dragon Pinfest,2009-03-26,24,Samantha Tracy


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