Location: I am the Seattle Chapter.

Occupation: Corporate Whore.

Felonies: Expunged. Ah, youth.

Where you play: Shorty’s, Jules Maes Saloon, Portland once a month, my living room.

Favorite Pins: Centaur, Fathom, Funhouse, LOTR.

Immaculate Pinsessions: Notching ten credits on a game of MM was a real crowd pleaser.

Favorite Non-CFF Ripper: Observing LWL put me on the fast track to doubling my scores on some games. Props.

Mega Quote: (playing Wheel of Fortune in a tournament) You know what’d make a great before and after? “Save some for lederhosen.”

Words of Pin Wisdom: Play in every local tournament. You’re less likely to need a diaper when you go to your first major.