Bio: Self-proclaimed “Most Grand Champs” of CFF. Been playing pinball since single digit age. I am the creator of the “Multiball Recovery.” Pinball is a full time job.

Other Job: Distribution manager for LGBT Yellow Pages. Bar staff at Union Jacks

Regular Spots: Ground Kontrol, Galaxy, Billy Rays, My Father’s Place

Immaculate Pinsessions: 8.5 bil on Roadshow, 180 mil on Medieval Madness, 1.2 bil on Monster Bash, 776 mil on Spiderman

Dream Pinball Machines: Misfits Pinball, Serial Killers, Anton Lavey or Church of Satan Pinball, Hitler’s Heist

Favorite Pins: Banzai Run, Viking, High Speed, Road Show, 8 Ball, Cyclone, Funhouse, Championship Pub, Mata Hari, Medieval Madness

Favorite Non-Member Underground Ripper: WOF (Wolf)