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Latest Prospect Throws Big Tourney, We Take 5th Place

The annual Ground Kontrol Pinbrawl happened this last weekend and it was run by our very own pledge (yes, he had his patch on him at all times), Isaac Ruiz.

The gang fielded a handful of players, with Dropshot getting 5th place after a 2.5 HOUR LONG GAME OF SOPRANOS against Seattlite Cayle George. Dropshot took home one hundred goldies.

Video Mode was just outside the money, coming in at 17th.

Opto tied for 25th along with├é┬áMultiball. Soft Plunge and Slam Tilt squeaked into the top third at 33rd… and I think that’s it.

Oh, wait. Deathsave came in 49th, and was quoted as saying “I should have had one of those Pink Cosmos you’re always raving about.”


Posted: April 23rd, 2013
at 2:14pm by soft plunge

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