CFF Meeting Cbar Sunday June 3rd

Posted: May 18th, 2012 by Videomode

Rumor has it that the CFF owned Viking pinball machine will be on location at Cbar soon.  Come check it out.  8pm or whenever you can show up.

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Posted: April 17th, 2012 by Videomode

Next CFF Meeting will be at the BOG Sunday May 6.  Danny B promises to tell great pinball stories from his past and future and who knows maybe we can get  him to make a shirt run by then so we can all get some new hoodies.

Show up whenever you want.

Till Death.

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Portland Pinbrawl

Posted: April 16th, 2012 by Videomode

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April Tournaments

Posted: April 3rd, 2012 by Videomode

Tuesday 4/3 The Goodfoot Lounge 7:00pm

Tuesday 4/10 Club 21 7:00pm

Tuesday 4/17 Ground Kontrol 7:00pm

Sunday 4/22 Portland Pinbrawl All Day

Tuesday 4/24 The Guild Public House 7:00pm


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Portland Pinbrawl 2012

Posted: March 22nd, 2012 by revtest

Go here to register for it.

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CFF Meeting 3-25 Cbar

Posted: February 28th, 2012 by Videomode

The next CFF meeting is at Cbar.

Danny B has some big surprises for everyone so come on out and ball with the gangsters.

Sunday 3-25 7:00pm or whenever you feel like showing up


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ASK TILT!!! Volume One, Issue One.

Posted: January 27th, 2012 by ORBIT

Dearest Readers:

TILT is away from his desk this week and on a book tour with his latest work of historical non-fiction “My Crazy Flippers: The Life and Times of the Smell’s Angels”. Our guest column this week has been curated by none other than Danny Backglass, the Pied Piper of Pee-Pees.

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Why do I suck at pinball?

-Nate at the Standard

My mother had a saying back in Gary, Indiana. She used to poke her head out the window on a blistering hot day in July and scream, “Lil’ RAY RAY! Time to wash your fucking jeans!” Well Nate, its time to wash your fucking jeans. Stop thinking about tournaments and local notoriety. There was a lone ranger in town we all used to look up to. He used the initials DEN. He holds astronomical Grand Champs at GK that have endured for years, untouched. Do you think DEN was walking up in GK with some godamn mustard stained jeans from Dodgers Stadium in July? No. He did what my mother said, came inside and washed his fucking jeans, Nate.

Till Death.


I have two questions. One, do you find its better to start the Joker multi ball prior to the Scarecrow as to leave that easy jackpot shot open on the Joker and eliminating that Scarecrow fleeting captive ball from deflecting shots on it? Than that leaves the Scarecrow open after the Joker, to which you can light again than go directly for re lighting the Joker multi ball so you can get the stack the second time around? And, does Slam Tilt smell better with a beard or worse. I cant remember.

your beloved reader,

-Danny Backglass

Backglass, you got your name for being “blingy”. Wearing those shiny chains like Mr. T. You bling like your inner knowledge shines across mountains of freshly novus’d playfields. You’re thinking too much ahead of time. Listen to the game. If it’s telling you leave the Scarecrow be, than leave it “B”. Double that Joker and reach out to Heath Ledger. As once stated in Brokebackglass Mountain, “You pair of deuces lookin’ for work, I suggest you get your scrawny asses in here pronto!”

Thats what he is saying to you Backglass. Get your scrawny ass into that Ledger Super Jackpot pronto!

As for Slam Tilt, that guy smells worse than the naked bike ride. Beard or no beard.

Till Death.


Why were you running around with those Amish dudes cutting off people’s beards? I thought you liked beards. Or do you only like your own beard, and you feel threatened by other beards?



ROM. Your hands sweat worse than being trapped in a fucking van with 6 hippy’s in the middle of “la playa” during “a dust storm” at some stupid festival where they set a man on fire. The name escapes me. I would recommend a product I used on my feet for over-perspiration. I used to think I suffered from athletes foot because the “dr. funk” would get at my “dogs” and them shits be “barkin” making me “The Doctor Footz.” Until I realized I just suffer from and overly stimulated sweat gland commonly known as a simple case of “excessive perspiration.” The product is Certain Dri. I find the pad form to be quite effective.

Till Death.


Can you send your hot sauce to California? I know this question isn’t technically about pinball, love, or drinking, but I’m hurtin’ pretty bad down here.

Pinball, love, and drinking,


Show your tits. Show your tits!

Till Death.


The other night I had a dream I was getting a hand job from Mitt Romney. Why?


-Confused (aloysius wilderburr)

Dear Confused,

I too am confused sometimes. Topics of sexuality, who am I? Who was I suppose to be? Gay Republican? Closeted Democrat? Leader of the Gary Indiana chapter of the White American Gay Freedom Fighters? I think your dreams answers all these questions. Tilt: A lumberjack… Maybe. Never, I’m too honest to myself. In the future… I would say your dream is a reflection. A malfunctioning coil. A rat nest on top of day one mylar. A piece of chewing gum jammed in the coin slot in the only game in the state. The union of two balls. Then, BLAM! Four balls. Then, who is this getting his pair in the mix. Newt! Holy shit 4 player game on Sterns Indiana Jones. Oh fuck, Newt! I’m playing Indiana Jones. Six balls. SIX BALLS! Who do you want to be the seven and eight?

Till Death.


I recently forgot my password for the message board and I no longer have the original email account I used to create my profile. I have been praying every night for God to send a working password to my gmail account, but I have yet to receive one. Does this mean that there is no God or does he/she just not want me to use the message board?

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply. 



There is a God. He wants you in 4th place. He told me your real name. Its Fred. Fourth Place Fred. Funky Ass Fourth Place Muthafukkin Fred. 5 Hail Marys. 15 Our Fathers. Than we shall see about that password. As once said on a mid 90’s pinball machine, “Gone Fish’n, Leave a message.”

Till Death.

(Please CLICK HERE to submit more questions to ASK TILT!!! or deposit a question in the comment box below!)

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ASK TILT!!! (Now soliciting questions…)

Posted: January 25th, 2012 by ORBIT

Crazy Flipper Fingers is proud to present the grandiose announcement of our newest pinball lifestyle advice column: ASK TILT!!!

You, dear Flippers, can ask all of your distressing questions about pinball, love and drinking (or any combination of the three) to our pinballiest, loveliest, drinkiest member ever TILT!!!

Please CLICK HERE to submit questions to ASK TILT!!! or deposit a question in the comment box below!

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2011 Portland PintoberFest Finals Game 2 (HS2 The Getaway)

Posted: January 5th, 2012 by revtest

Commentary By Noah “Opto” Davis

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2/28 Billy Ray’s Tournament

Posted: January 4th, 2012 by Videomode

Billy Ray’s Neighborhood Dive
2216 NE MLK Blvd Portland, OR 97212
Phone: (503) 287.7254

$5 entry. Single game, double elimination. 7:00pm start.

Attack From Mars
Medieval Madness
Fish Tales
Monster Bash

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