C-Bar Schoolyard Rumble Jan. 2nd

Posted: December 23rd, 2010 by dropshot

We are going old school on it.  4 teams, 4 captains, 8 rounds and someone will be picked last.  In the NFL, they call this player Mr. Irrelevant because most of the time they do not even make the final roster.  However, in our case, every single player makes the finals and has a great chance to win it all!  Unfortunately, you won’t know who it was, or when anyone was picked…but chances are it was probably this kid.

If this is you, or your kid, don't blame me for using your picture. Blame yourself for not learning how to catch a ball.

If this is you, or your kid, don't blame me for using your picture. Blame yourself for not learning how to catch a ball.


The tournament will start at 12:00 (noon) Sunday Jan. 2nd.  You must sign up by Jan 1st though.  I don’t need your money but I do need your word that you won’t be a no show, or Rom gets to punch you in the gut!  No one will be allowed to sign up day of and that is because there will be a live draft on Saturday.  Let me reiterate, NO late sign ups, and a no show means ROM WILL PUNCH YOU!  The entry price will be $20 that can be paid in advance, or the day of.

The 4 team Captains will be Jake, Noah, Fred and Aaron.  The draft will take place Saturday afternoon.  Who ever picks last in the 1st round will pick first in the 2nd round so we should have some very even competitive teams.  The tournament will consist of 8 casual flow rounds where every single match-up will consist of 1 player from each team.  After the qualifying rounds are over the team points will be added up to determine which team qualified in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Here’s where it gets fun, so stick with me here, it all makes sense in the end. Every single player/team makes the finals.  The format we are going to use is a ladder system.  The 4th place team plays the 3rd place team in a best 3 of 5 series.  Once we determine the two teams (3rd and 4th) a machine will be randomly chosen for the 1st match and a quarter will be flipped to decide order.  At this point each team will need to discuss in private who they plan to have play ball 1.  Both teams will submit who plays at the same time.  After ball 1 is over the same thing goes down for ball 2 and finally again for ball 3.  A player cannot play again until every single team member gets to play a ball, and if your team is player 2 and do not have to play ball 3 that given player would still need to play a ball on another game.  For the second game the machine will be drawn randomly again and whoever wins the previous game can choose which team goes first.  Same deal on a new player for each ball.  First team to 3 wins moves on!

Same exact format for the next round vs. the 2nd place team. However play count is reset for each round unless a player doesn’t get to play a single ball in the previous round.  They must play before anyone plays a second time.  Feel free to ask question in the message board if this is confusing.

When people no show Rom get angry, and when Rom get angry, Rom hit things!!!

When people don't show up who say they will Rom get angry, and when Rom get angry,    Rom hit things!!!

Flip a coin to decide order on the first game, switch players every ball, winner        chooses play order for subsequent games, every player must play once before a player may play twice.  All machines will be chosen randomly and first team to 3 wins moves on to the finals against the 1st place team.

Same exact format for the finals as the two previous rounds.  First team to 3 wins claims all of the cash to be split evenly amongst themselves!

This event should be a lot of fun with a great chance for anyone to win some good cash!  If 28 people are playing the winning team of 7 would each get $80.  Not bad.  To sign up you can either text, PM, or just post on the message board.  You must let us know prior to Jan 1st at noon.  You can sign-up, and then cancel prior to then as well You can wait to pay Sunday too.  If you get drafted and do not show up Rom does get to punch you though, regardless of your excuse.  No shows will mess everything up.  I cannot stress that enough.  Feel free to ask any questions in the message board  where a list of participants will be list as well as right here.  This tournament is in response to our failure to successfully come up with an adequate structure for a Seattle v Portland tournament other than it just being 4 on 4.

Sign-up by Jan1st. 12:00 (noon)  Tourney Jan 2nd. 12:00 (noon), entry is $20

Those in:

Jake McGhee (captain)
Noah Davis (captain)
Fred Franken (captain)
Aaron Nelson (captain)

Draft Pool:

Chris Coyle
Isaac Ruiz
Mike Smith
Mindy Bert
Dennis Brenhaug
Eric Hill
Mike Hassenpflug
J.D. Yeager
Pat Castaldo
Kris Fast
Emma Eichhorn
Ryan Gratzer
Josh Brake
Chris Rhodes
Paul Kalk
Denise Johnson
Matt Fentress
Jon Davis
Kevin Kerr
Jason America
Steve Lampros
Jeff Spaziani
Zoe Vrabel

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  1. dannybackglass   23 Dec 10 at 12:58 pm

    Quit reading half way. To stupid.

  2. drop   23 Dec 10 at 1:08 pm

    Yeah, because you know you want in.

  3. ROM   25 Dec 10 at 9:43 pm

    I want to play!

  4. dannybackglass   26 Dec 10 at 1:17 am

    Oh, I just re-read that quote. I meant to imply, “I am stupid.” And you all are tournament geniuses. My bad.

  5. ROM   26 Dec 10 at 11:25 am

    And if you don’t let me play, I’ll bring out the CLAMPS! *CLAMP CLAMP CLAMP*

    er wait, I meant the punches. Punchy punchy punchoooooooo.

  6. dropshot   28 Dec 10 at 11:56 am

    Keep it cool Rom…Keep it cool! Hey fruit basket, you in or what?

  7. combo   28 Dec 10 at 5:19 pm

    I’m in damnit

  8. steve   1 Jan 11 at 6:12 pm

    i cannot believe we’re using little league rules . . . wussies

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